Steven Shute Resume

Steven Shute, PE

Natural gas utility consultant.

Educational & Professional Background

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University.

Registered Professional Engineer (PE):  Colorado, Utah, Nebraska (ret.).

Member, National Association of Corrosion Engineers.

Member, Rotary International.


Work History

Since 1986, Steven Shute has worked to provide natural gas service to rural communities.  In many areas, the large regional utilities are unable or unwilling to provide service.  These projects are often feasible, if a start-up utility installs a system and operates as a stand-alone entity.  Mr. Shute and affiliated companies specialize in low-cost development of small gas utilities.  After finding a suitable community, they work to bring in gas, operate the utility system, and maximize conversions.  Several utility startup projects are in progress:


Pinedale Natural Gas, Inc.                                                                             1993 to present

Mr. Shute is Founder and Owner.  A small propane utility in Pinedale, Wyoming (near Jackson Hole) was purchased and converted to natural gas.  This town is surrounded by an active gas producing area, but the regional utility passed over this project for 35 years.  Since starting operations in 1993, PNG has grown from 200 to 1400 meters with a $4M investment.


Kentucky Frontier Gas, LLC                                                                          2005 to present

Mr. Shute is a Founder and majority owner.  Frontier purchased 12 separate small gas distribution entities, and has integrated them into a consolidated and updated utility.  Since starting operations in 2008, Frontier has grown from 0 to 5700 meters with a $6.5M investment.


Walden Municipal Gas                                                                                    1994 to present

Mr. Shute was project manager on the $3M project to keep gas in Walden, Colorado when the nearby gas field failed.  Mr. Shute helped the Town convert to municipal operation and build a 46 mile pipeline of coiled aluminum pipe to ensure a long-term gas supply.  Since startup in 1995 the system has grown from 600 to 900 meters with service along the pipeline in Wyoming. Since 2002, Mr. Shute’s Pinedale Natural Gas is the contract operator for the Walden Gas system.


Wendover  Gas Company                                                                                 1996 to present

Mr. Shute is consultant and minority owner of a propane gas distribution system in Wendover, a small community straddling the Nevada-Utah state line on I-80 west of Salt Lake City.  This system serves about 400 homes, casinos and related businesses, and is working to expand by replacing propane with natural gas.  In 2013, Mr. Shute acquired a 40% interest and Pinedale Natural Gas became the contract operator for the Wendover Gas system


Alpine Natural Gas                                                                                         1997 to present

Mr. Shute serves as consultant and minor partner on a gas distribution system in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada east of Stockton, California.  This $3M start-up system serves about 1500 homes and small businesses, and has many opportunities for expansion.


Tongue River Gas         Mr. Shute serves as engineer and advisor on a $4M project to build a municipal gas utility to serve 500 meters in Dayton & Ranchester near the northern border of Wyoming.  


Coos County Gas Pipeline        Mr. Shute served as engineer and Project Advisor on a $44M project to build a 12-inch gas transmission pipeline to serve the Coos Bay area on the coast of Oregon.  Tasks: route &  pipe selection, facility design, coordination of the EIS, permits from 12 govt agencies, public information meetings, prepare bids & administer construction.  This 90-mile system with 3 laterals serves an area with 60,000 residents and numerous industries around a deepwater ocean port.


Frontier Energy, LLC. - Mr. Shute was a co-Founder, officer, and stockholder of this gas utility in North Carolina.  In July 1997, Frontier won a Supreme Court decision and received certification to build a $55 million gas utility system serving 7 counties in northwestern North Carolina.  The initial project included 150 miles of transmission pipeline and 500 miles of distribution, to serve about 10,000 customers.  These seven counties have a population of 250,000, with 1500 poultry growout facilities and a large industrial and manufacturing base.  Mr. Shute worked with Frontier from 1994 to its sale in 1999 to Sempra Energy (Southern California Gas).  This utility is now owned by Gas Natural, Inc.


    Ozark Natural Gas Co., Inc. - Mr. Shute was a principal of Ozark, which received certification in August 1998 to serve gas to a three-county area around the country music resort community of Branson, Missouri.  The $20 million project had 40 miles of transmission pipeline and 140 miles of distribution to serve more than 5,000 customers. (No funding, project built by others.)


Principal, Pipeline Solutions, Inc.                                                                1991 to present

Mr. Shute is a consulting engineer specializing in natural gas utilities:  pipeline and distribution system engineering, measurement facilities design, DOT compliance, corrosion control, operator training programs, environmental compliance.  Sample project list:

Western Utility - audit to identify high gas loss problem in small propane utility.  Large 35% measurement error was found and corrected, after 25 years of non-detection.

Colorado Springs Gas - develop modules for DOT-mandated operator training program.

South Park MHP – DOT compliance for gas distribution system for a mobile home park.

DFA Portales pipeline – DOT compliance on an industrial gas supply pipeline.

Campion Academy – DOT compliance for gas distribution system for a private school.


General Manager, Rocky Mountain Natural Gas                                         1988 to 1991

Supervised the takeover and assimilation of RMNG as a new subsidiary of K N Energy, Inc.  Managed the day-to-day operation of a mid-size regional utility (120 employees, 30,000 meters) serving resort communities in western Colorado.  Administration & HR, financials & planning, engineering & technical supervision were principal duties.

Telluride, Colorado - permitting and planning to install a 40 mile pipeline and convert a propane distribution system to natural gas.

Crawford, Four Mile Creek, Singletree, Lake Creek, Cordillera - converted small towns and large rural subdivisions to natural gas.  These projects had a very successful conversion rate even with many baseboard electric heating systems which are tough to convert.

Aspen upgrade:  numerous 10” pipeline and storage re-configuring projects to enhance deliveries to Aspen area.  Built new town border stations for Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Delta, Eagle, Gypsum, and others.

Crested Butte, Colorado - feasibility studies, pipeline and distribution system design to convert ski resort town to natural gas.  RMNG nearly completed the franchise procedure with town council and Colorado Public Utilities Commission.  The project was abandoned by RMNG parent company but the project was carried out by a competing utility.

Strategic pipeline projects to increase capacity for future growth (numerous projects, $10+ million):  increased capacity, higher pressures, better metering and communications.


Director Tech Services, Rocky Mountain Natural Gas                                 1986 to 1988


Director Tech Services, K N Energy, Inc.                                                      1985 to 1986


Manager of Corrosion Control, K N Energy, Inc.                                        1982 to 1985


Project Engineer, K N Energy, Inc.                                                               1980 to 1982


Project Engineer, Conoco and Continental Pipe Line                                1977 to 1980


Personal Data

b. 10-25-55, Manhattan, Kansas.

Married, father of two young men.  Active Private Pilot.

Active in church, Rotary Club, local government, music & arts.

Current personal and professional references are available upon request.

Steven Shute, PE

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