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How to Read Your Bill

From the early days, gas utilities measured and sold gas by volume. Most gas meters have 4 digits, the smallest of which shows 100 cubic feet, or one CCF.

All fuel prices increased dramatically in the 1970's. Utilities switched to selling gas on the basis of heating value. One British Thermal Unit (or BTU) is the amount of heat needed to raise one pound (pint) of water by 1°F. One BTU is about the energy produced by burning a wooden match.

Pinedale Natural Gas offers three classes of gas Service:landscape-rock-tree
  1. Residential Service for use in a living unit.
  2. Commercial Service for use in commerce, industry or enterprise
  3. Large Commercial Service for users with meters larger than 500 cfh

There isn't a practical way to directly measure the potential energy of gas like an electrical meter shows kilowatt-hours. Gas utilities measure volume and calculate heating value. Most gas meters read in CCF, and 1 ccf of natural gas at sea level will burn to produce about 100,000 BTU. Today, the most common utility sales unit is now a THERM, or 100k BTU.

Pinedale is at 7200 ft elevation, where the atmospheric pressure is only 11.3 psi, or 77% of sea level (14.73 psi). The pressure in your meter is 1/4 psi above atmospheric pressure. The gas pressure is lower, so there are fewer gas molecules packed into the meter, as compared with a meter at sea level.

Gas supplied to Pinedale has small amounts of propane and butane, and is "hotter" than normal gas. With 23% lower density but 10% higher heating value, the gas averages about 85,000 BTU per CCF. The metered volume of gas is adjusted with a "Heating Factor" for correct pressure and BTU value, so that PNG sells all gas by the Therm.

A Sample PNG bill and a calculation breakdown:

PNG Sample Bill

Service from / to
Meter Reading
Previous Read
Cu Ft Used
Heating Factor
Therms Used
Rate per Therm

Energy Charge
Customer Charge
Franchise Fee
Sales Tax
Other Charges
Current Charges

Previous Balance
Amount Paid            Interest
Total Now Due

Last 2 meter reading dates
This month's reading in CCF
Last month's reading in CCF
Difference in CCF x 100 = cubic feet
BTU Factor x Pressure Factor
Heating Factor x CCF
Current PSC approved rate ($/Therm)

Therms x Rate
Monthly $15 charge
City fee of 1% of total
Sales taxes of 4% of total
Late charge, interest, reconnect fee, etc.
Total of Energy-Customer-Fee-Tax-Other

Current Charges from last month
Payments made in the last month 

1.5% interest on previous unpaid balance
Current Charges plus unpaid balance 

$  .682

$  1.03
$  4.11
$  0.00




For any unpaid balance more than 30 days delinquent, PNG is authorized to charge 1.5% interest per month and can start the disconnection process. There is a re-connection fee if your gas has been disconnected or turned off at your request.
The State of Wyoming has a Low Income Energy Assistance and Weatherization Program (LIEAP) to provide help with energy costs:

  • Heating Assistance for the months of November through May.
  • Crisis Assistance to eligible clients who are facing an emergency situation in paying utility bills.
  • Weatherization Assistance also funded by the Department of Energy, to make your home more energy efficient. Weatherization includes monitoring for unsafe conditions such as carbon monoxide, poor ventilation and wiring; tuning the heating system, sealing air leaks and insulating buildings and pipes.

Contact the local County Department of Family Services at 307-367-4124 or more directly,


PNG  cannot  sign you up for LIEAP.

PNG Rules for Gas Service

Other utility information is available from the Wyoming Public Service Commission.