Call Before You Dig

Dial "811" or Wyoming One-Call 800-849-2476 

DOT statistics show the majority of pipeline damage is caused by third parties digging near buried pipelines. "Third parties" are contractors & excavators, landscapers & fence builders, and land owners that are not controlled by the utility or its contractors. Third-party damage can be prevented by getting utility locates from One-Call. 

Wyoming law requires anyone planning to dig or excavate to get information on type, location and depth of all underground facilities in the area. The excavator must notify the Wyoming One-Call Center by dialing 811 at least two full working days before beginning work. The One-Call center will notify member utilities with buried lines in the area. A PNG representative will determine if the project is near its pipelines and send someone to clearly mark the location of its buried pipelines.

photo pipe trench2
Call Before You Dig!
  • All locate requests must go to One-Call Wyoming 800-849-2476 or Dial "811".
  • Locate requests must be made at least 48 hours or 2 business days before digging.
  • Do NOT fax or email a locate request directly to PNG.
  • PNG will not and cannot respond to locate requests made directly to the local office.
photo png marker

Pinedale Natural Gas operates about 120 miles of pipelines, part of the 2.5 million mile pipeline system that delivers energy to over 60 Million homes, businesses & public buildings in the USA.