Protect Your Meter

Keep Meter free from Snow-Ice-Physical Damage-Metallic Grounding 


Snow Covered MeterMost natural gas appliances are vented to the outside, and some of them have intakes for outside combustion air. Make sure that vents and intake ports on the roof and walls are not blocked by ice or snow or physical barriers. 

The gas meter must be protected from damage and obstructions.

  • The index must be visible to a meter reader.
  • The pressure regulator has a vent which must not be blocked.
  • Be careful to keep snow and ice from the roof, driveways and walks off the meter and regulator.
  • Most meters are installed in a location out of harm's way. Contact PNG if you believe the meter is subject to damage by ice falling off roofs or vehicle traffic.

Steel gas lines have a system that protects steel pipe from corrosion damage. Any metallic contact could interfere with the corrosion protection system. For that reason, don't place on or near the meter & regulator, any metal such as garden tools, electrical grounding, trash cans, pet chains or a metal cover.

If you hear any Noise  (other than a soft whoosh-whoosh) around your Meter or if youSmell Gas In or around your House Leave and

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Hidden Safety Devices

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