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Budget Billing

photo landscape rockYou can pay a level amount each month by signing up for Budget Billing.

You use more gas in winter and less in summer. Under Budget Billing, you pay exactly the same annual total as if you had paid for each month's use, but the payments are equalized throughout the year.

When you sign up for Budget Billing, PNG will estimate your bills for the next 12 months, and will charge you 1/12th of that amount each month for the next 11 months. The final month will be adjusted to the amount needed to finish out your annual bill, as if you had paid for the amount you used each month. Several rules apply:

  • Residential accounts only.
  • You can start Budget Billing only in the months April to May.
  • Your account must be paid up to date when you start.
  • You must sign up for credit card or automatic bank draft payment.

To start Budget Billing, contact PNG at 307-367-4427 or email PNG.

For any metering - billing - payment - balance question, contact our office by phone or email PNG.

The State of Wyoming has a Low Income Energy Assistance and Weatherization Program (LIEAP) to provide help with energy costs:

  • Heating Assistance for the months of November through May.
  • Crisis Assistance to eligible clients who are facing an emergency situation in paying utility bills.
  • Weatherization Assistance also funded by the Department of Energy, to make your home more energy efficient. Weatherization includes monitoring for unsafe conditions such as carbon monoxide, poor ventilation and wiring; tuning the heating system, sealing air leaks and insulating buildings and pipes.

Contact the local County Department of Family Services at 307-367-4124 for information or more directly,


PNG cannot sign you up for LIEAP.